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Rough terrain scissor lifts are ideal for high reach work in almost any conditions. Steel Tech Access's range of AWD rough terrain scissor lifts are fitted with outriggers, manual and self-levelling functions which are essential when working on difficult ground conditions.

Quiet, clean & versatile, Electric Scissor Lifts are ideal for indoor and slab work applications. Steel Tech Access's Electric Scissor Lifts are used in construction, maintenance, distribution and the events industry.

Knucklebooms have the advantage of reaching up and over obstacles to get personnel and materials direct to the work area. Efficency is improved by the ability to drive while at full elevation Steel Tech Access's Boom lifts are diesel AWD

Push Around Scissor Lifts are ideal for tight spaces where Std. Slab lifts wont fit, they are shorter and lighter allowing them to be maneuvered through tight access ways like tenanted office spaces, hallways and toilets etc.

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Telehandlers are very versatile machines offering many uses with all-terrain capability. They can be used as a simple 4x4 forklift, a crane with a jib attachement and even an EWP with an approved work platform

LPG / Petrol Forklifts mainly used lifting & carrying materials around sites Also can be used as an EWP with an approved Man Cage also ideal for lifting Slab/Push scissor lifts up to first floor levels

Alloy mobile towers by Easy Access & Equiptec for the harder to access sites and ideal for wooden floors areas where scissor lifts are unsuitable and/or to heavy

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Slab Lift Trailers, Light Furniture Trailers and Car/ Machinery Transporters are available for HIRE from Steel Tech Access


Forklift Man Cages, Ladders, Harnesses, Scaffold Planks, Road Cones & P Bars etc.



Steel Tech Access Hire has been supplying Access Equipment since 2004 and in this time has built up a reputation with clients offering practical solutions and good gear to assist getting works carried out safely and efficiently, Steel Tech Access Hire are now located at 445 West Street, The team are happy with their new location as it offers room to expand as the EWP (Elevated Work Platform) industry expands, there is good demand for safe work environments across all sectors and access equipment fits well in the ever growing need to get work completed safely. Steel Tech Access Hire is proud to work alongside many local and national companies supplying them the correct EWP’s allowing their teams to complete all tasks safely and efficiently. STA HIRE has been providing many types of access solutions and are well proven in the wider Mid Canterbury area. 

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